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Thirty Years ago I stumbled across something that was to change my entire life.it was as seed.
Not a seed that you can hold in your fingers and make disappear with magic spell, but a seed whose magic, one day, revealed itself as the one single thing that was to change my life.
As the years and seasons traveled across my existence, the seed became a plant.it blossomed and grew tall and strong.
It was the seed of magic.
And before Long the tree that my seed had become gave out seeds of its own.
Those tiny seeds of magic now find their way into he bright, young lives of our children and bring smiles and wonder.
The canopy of the tree I planted all those years ago now gives me the shade,protection and space I need to further the wonderful art of magic for you and your children.
My wish,today,is that all who find the seed and travel through this magical world of wonder can share my joy,nurture their own seed till it too blossoms with the promise of fun.(And,of course,add a little trickery!)
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2010 newsletter of each year
We absolutely believe that Eddy International had a great first 10th year of Millennium or 22nd years of anniversary. It can be proved the result of today is based on our effort and foundation establishment in the past years
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Oversea Toys & Games Fair 2013
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Eddy Group Of Companies is the only affiliated organization in Hong Kong, which is well organized & diversified in the magic industry. Over the past years, Eddy Group exerted its utmost effort in promoting the art of magic. Since 1989, Eddy Group entered into development of a variety of business areas such as design, manufacture, trading, entertainment & training to create a series of its famous brands which enabled him to be the leader of the magic industry in Hong Kong.