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Eddy Group Of Companies is the only affiliated organization in Hong Kong, which is well organized & diversified in the magic industry. Over the past years, Eddy Group exerted its utmost effort in promoting the art of magic. Since 1989, Eddy Group entered into development of a variety of business areas such as design, manufacture, trading, entertainment & training to create a series of its famous brands which enabled him to be the leader of the magic industry in Hong Kong.

Eddy Group Of Companies has created a series of miracles in magic history since 1989. In 1994, Eddy International Ltd was established to produce magic toys and has since exported their products to markets worldwide. In 1997 they obtained licensing rights for the production of magic toys for Walt Disney as licensee in 1997.

In 2001, Eddy opened a wholly owned Toy factory in Dong Guan city China. This enabled the company to ensure better quality of its own brands materials, efficiency in processing, and competitiveness in the international market at the same time, they are also well placed for the development of the China market in the near future. In 2002, Eddy also established a branch office named Guangzhou Eddy Trading Company Ltd. This is a supporting and trading unit in Guangzhou China.

In order to upgrade his own brand products and reputation in the market, Eddy's Magic & Co and Eddy's Magic Club were established in 1989 making "Eddy's Magic" a brand. In 2004, Eddy's Magic Club was changed to Eddy International Academy Of Magic in order to focus on the development of magic education. Meanwhile, Eddy International Holdings Ltd was established, with its new office of over 15,000 square feet which serves to operate the diversified business of the Eddy Group.

Eddy Internatioanl Holdings Ltd
Retail / Wholesale

Eddy Internatioanl Ltd
Import & Export

Eddy International Academy Of Magic
Education / Training

Eddy Trading (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd
Wholesale / Franchise

Eddy's Magic Ltd

Eddy Entertainment Production Co
Party / Carnival / Event

Eddy's Magic & Co
Magic Performance / Consultant / Artist Management

Eddy's Magic Club
Membership Activities / Mail Order

E&S(HK) International Ltd
Manufacturing / Trading

E&S Charity Foundation Ltd

Federation of Hong Kong Toys Brand

Hong Kong Magic Industry Association
Charity / Magic industry

Hong Kong Toy Brand Association

International Magicians Society
Membership Recruitment